MagnetMAN: An englishman in sweden

Hi, my name is Paul Darcy and I started magnet fishing in the UK back in 2018 as a hobby. In 2020 the whole of the U.K. was under lockdown due to the Covid virus that was rampaging all countries around the globe.

My girlfriend from way back in 1989 got in touch and we built up a strong relationship online and together we decided that I should move to her in Stockholm.

So I packed my bags and of course my magnets and moved in January 2021 when there were restrictions on movement in the UK and bans for UK citizens to enter Sweden.... but I wasn't on holiday I was moving here to be with the love of my life!.

I decided to set up a business so needed to find something I knew I could enjoy doing whilst helping people and the environment. So why not turn my hobby into a business I thought.

I designed magnets to my own specification and had them manufactured. I sourced the best ropes for the job, I decided I wanted yellow as they are easier to see in the water, unlike a lot of companies that have red or blue ropes. I then decided to start cleaning the waterways around Stockholm. I found lots of great stuff including a weapon that is potentially one that was used to assassinate the Swedish Prime Minister in 1986! I was all over the news and in the newspapers here and back in the UK.

I decided to explore giving visitors to Stockholm the opportunity to do magnet fishing experiences which was great over the summer but pretty pointless in the Swedish winter. I also took children and adults with learning difficulties out to help them with their mental health, thereby giving back to society.

So a year has passed and I've become quite popular for those who lose their phone or keys in the water but mainly I've helped the environment as a whole by cleaning up the water in Sweden.

Guns, Knives, Grenades, Bullets and Military land mine trip wires are just some of the bucket list items I've found here. My quest continues and apart from selling kits and doing experiences I want more people out there to take up this hobby.

All profits from my work go to helping children with ADHD and autism on days out magnet fishing and supplying kits to those in need.

Thank you for visiting Magnet Man.

Together we can make a difference!

Donations via swish to 0736998313 Eva Kallai